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Things to do in Tokyo

Things to do


Explore Tokyo's coolest 'hood


88 things to do, from the obscure to the obvious


101 places to eat, shop and play

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Restaurants & Cafés

Yakumo Saryo

Zen aesthetics and designer wagashi


The Ritz-Carlton's latest opening

10 best noodle spots in Toranomon

Power through summer at these top joints

Shopping & Style

Tom Dixon

Find your dream wingback chair at this new store


Gourmet ice pop, yes please!

Where to buy a yukata

Your guide to top shops and how to tie

Art & Culture

Pushing boundaries with TodaysArt

How Olof van Winden finds friction in cities, including Tokyo

Embracing for Painting

The future of contemporary Japanese art

Zojoji Takigi-Noh

See traditional theatre out in the open


10 things do in Chiba

Tokyo Disneyland and Narita Airport are not the only reasons to visit

How to rent a car in Japan

It's not actually that complicated

Go on a torii gate tour

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Major attractions

3DCG Theatre
Performing Arts

The world's first 3DCG holographic entertainment theatre

Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa
Museums & Attractions

A brand-new 'aqua park' with cutting-edge audiovisual displays

Tokyo Sky Tree
Museums & Attractions

The tallest freestanding tower in the world

Robot Restaurant
Restaurants & Cafés

Bikini-clad babes battle with giant ’borgs in this bizarre stage show

Kasai Rinkai Park
Museums & Attractions

Park, man-made beaches, a Japanese garden and a lotus pond

Meiji Shrine & Inner Garden
Museums & Attractions

Popular for its beauty and numerous annual festivals

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