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Ramen Burger Tokyo

New openings
Restaurants & Cafés  |  May 01 2015

First popularised by Japanese-American chef Keizo Shimamoto in New York a couple of years back, ...


Shops  |  Feb 18 2015

Domestic firewater from nihonshu and shochu to umeshu and Okinawa's awamori lines the shelves ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Feb 17 2015

‘Hisamaru’ is the first name of the owner, a former professional wrestler who has swapped the ...


Bars , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Feb 05 2015

Stepping out of Nogata Station, look for the blue noren curtain with the word 'yakiton' (やきとん) ...

Nakano Ropeway

Shops  |  Jan 27 2015

Nakano Broadway is the domain of strange and unusual retailers, but this bathroom-sized shop ...


Shops  |  Jan 27 2015

Popular among foreigners, Gaotchi carries retro toys and character goods that were common in ...

Best Tokyo ramen shops of 2014

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Dec 31 2014

From maze-soba to MSG-free treats – we pick 20 of the best noodle-slurping spots of the year


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Dec 30 2014

Look out for the red lantern and huge noren curtain to find this renowned ramen shop dealing ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Oct 24 2014

Beloved by the locals for more than four decades, Nakano's Umezushi keeps regulars coming back ...

Best local bookstores in Tokyo

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Good news for paper sniffers: print is alive in the capital

Taco Ché

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Nakano Broadway is a melting pot of Japanese subculture and on the third floor of this shopping ...

Nakano Beer Workshop

Bars  |  Jun 19 2014

Oh hey, another new brewpub! Opened in May 2014 on the north side of Nakano Station, this ...

Nakano Central Park

Restaurants & Cafés , Museums & Attractions  |  May 19 2014

Opened in 2012, this area right by Nakano Station is home to office buildings, shopping ...

The FooTNiK Nakano

Bars  |  Apr 01 2014

One of the more football-centric of Tokyo's British pubs, The Footnik is the place to head if ...

Best ramen shops on the Chuo line

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Mar 14 2014

Ride west on the noodle express – here are 20 top pit stops


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Mar 12 2014

The famed Nakano eatery Jiraigen was renovated in 2011, with the second floor eventually ...

Chuka Soba Aoba Nakano

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Mar 12 2014

This is the original location of a chain of chuka (Chinese) soba restaurants that centres on ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Dec 31 2013

This shop can be found three minutes' walking distance from the north exit of Nogata Station on ...

Moon Step

Performing Arts  |  Oct 21 2013

This two-story live house is located just a few minutes on foot from Nakano Station, and hosts ...

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