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The Hot Seat: Hiroko Tabuchi

Jul 20 2011

NYT reporter talks Tohoku recovery with Time Out

The Hot Seat: Joi Ito

May 31 2011

Time Out Tokyo sits down with the new director of the MIT Media Lab

The Hot Seat: Dr. Copa

Around Town  |  Mar 10 2011

Paint your life purple, says the feng shui expert

The Hot Seat: Toshiyuki Inoko

Around Town  |  Mar 02 2011

Team Lab's director tells us about life as an experimentally homeless man

The Hot Seat: Hiroshi Mizohata

Around Town  |  Feb 23 2011

Time Out talks to the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency

The Hot Seat: Takafumi Horie

Around Town  |  Feb 17 2011

Businessman-turned-performer opens up about musicals and marathons

The Hot Seat: Paradise Yamamoto

Around Town  |  Dec 08 2010

The Hot Seat: Kunio Tokuoka

Around Town  |  Jun 02 2010

Kyoto trad-cuisine master wants to touch his diners

The Hot Seat: Takashi Murakami

Around Town  |  May 26 2010

Japan's indie art advocate gives us some tips

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