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Tokyo's best travel-themed shops

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 16 2014

... travel-themed stores. Who says you can't turn heads in an airport? Traveler's Factory This stationery shop houses everyday goods inspired by the theme of travel. Set in the building of a former ...

Travel around Tokyo for less

Around Town  |  May 18 2010

... travel in one day or planning a day trip to the suburbs (or even further afield), using a special travel ticket is an easy way get around and see more of the city and its surrounds ...


Cheap flights!

Feb 26 2015

... Travellers must also arrive and depart Japan by international flights. There is a limit of one pass per airline per person and visit, and there may be restrictions on travel within peak holiday periods (March ...

Ten soul-rejuvenating escapes

Aug 13 2014

... travel is becoming a thing too. What exactly does this mean? Well, essentially, it's a global reaction against the cult of speed. Slow travel means unhurried, low-economic impact journeys that usually involve travel ...

Out of Tokyo, and onto a trolley

Around Town  |  Aug 19 2010

... travel could very well be the most often chosen mode of escaping the Tokyo metro area to your summer holiday destination. In a departure from the utilitarian approach to train travel as a means of getting ...


Cheap transport deals for tourists

Around Town  |  Jul 22 2014

... travel expenses that come with sightseeing around the city and beyond. Here are a few tips to get you started –and scroll down for more articles on cheap travel, food and hotel deals. JR EAST ...


The Hot Seat: Hiroshi Mizohata

Around Town  |  Feb 23 2011

... travellers to come and see what Japan has to offer in the hope that the corresponding influx of money will help boost Japan's economy is all well and good. However, when it comes to raising ...

Train platform, ocean views

Around Town  |  Aug 13 2010

... travel for another hour, you'll reach Sanukimachi Station. Then, once you've passed through a series of short tunnels, Tokyo Bay will unfold to your right. For some distance the train will travel along ...


Best new hotels for 2015

Hotels  |  Mar 31 2015

... travellers stopping over in the heart of Tokyo's shopping and entertainment districts, and three exclusive resorts for adventurers going to Kyoto, Okinawa and the Yamashiro hot spring area. If you're staying in Tokyo ...

Traveler's Factory

Shops  |  Jul 14 2014

... travel. Set in the building of a former paper processing factory, Traveler's Factory offers stationery, books and customisable products, including the best-selling Traveler's Notebook, which encourages the user to plan ahead and start ...

Travel Café Toranomon

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Oct 10 2013

... travel caféis produced in collaboration with the JTB travel agency. The caféalso functions as a travel goods store, and occasionally hosts internationally themed events, which also have an impact on the food ...

Budget hotels and hostels in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Mar 06 2015

... travelling with her whole house'. With just two dorms, it's one of Tokyo's smallest hostels, and the décor –including a small lounge that looks more like a trendy Balinese café–make ...


Visiting Hakone

Museums & Sights  |  Sep 12 2013

... travelling two or three days on foot from Tokyo (then Edo) along the Tokaido Way. The station houses a small tourist office, but the main office is up the hill on the left. Here, you'll find ...

LGBT Tourism talk event

Around Town  |  Apr 28 2010

... travel-themed Time Out Tokyo Fair, where patrons can peruse a collection of travel related books and guides. To extend the event's reach, on Saturday April 24, travel journalist Naoko Terada, Japan's unique ...


The Olympic feeling – on a train

Around Town  |  Feb 25 2010

... travelling in the same direction, they make different stops and generally there is no real contest between them –excepting this section. If trains on both lines depart from Tamachi Station simultaneously, it's a rather ...


Urban Research Travel & Gift

Shops  |  Jul 14 2014

... able to find travel-related variety goods and gift items here, in addition to clothing, suitcases and other essentials. If you have time to kill at the airport, this place should provide some stylish relief. ...

The battle for life

Mar 10 2014

... travel from the temporary housing areas, which number 10 in total, to the village itself. The mainly elderly evacuees have lived in this limbo for three years now, and very few families are able to make ...

30 things to do in Tokyo for free

Around Town  |  Feb 20 2014

... Travel Library Specialising in travel- and tourism-related materials from all over the world, this library is one Tokyo's best-kept secrets. The collection of 34,000 guidebooks, rare books, antique books, and more ...


Travel Library

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 19 2014

... travel- and tourism-related materials from all over the world. The collection of 34,000 guidebooks, rare books, antique books, and more contains quite a few true gems, while the travel magazine selection is also ...

Tokyo’s top talismans

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  Feb 18 2014

... travels Tobi Fudoson 'Tobi Shugo' This 'air traffic safety' amulet comes in pink, red, and blue versions, allowing for colour-coordination with your luggage. Tobifudo is widely worshipped as the guardian deity of travellers, and is well ...

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