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The tagline says it all: a strange cat forest. Tucked away on a quiet side street in Kichioji, Temari no Ouchi truly is a bit of a different world. Once you walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor, even the doors indicate that this isn’t your average cat cafe. The entire decor looks like you’ve just stepped into an old children’s picture book, except this time there are tons of cats roaming around. The cats have ample space, and if they feel overwhelmed they can easily run to the back, where there’s a staff-only section. No cages in sight, either.

You can choose to just sit and play with the cats, or order something from the extensive drink (including cocktails) and food menu. We went there on a school holiday, so it was busier than you’d expect for a random Wednesday morning. There’s ample space (and cats), however, so you’ll rarely feel cramped. Cover charge is ¥1200 on a weekday for an hour or ¥1600 on weekends, which may seem a bit steep, but it’s definitely more of a full-on experience than other cat cafes in town. The best deal may be the evening, however - it’s a mere ¥700 after 7pm.


Musashi Forum 3F, 2-13-14 Kichioji, Musashino, Tokyo

Transport Kichioji Station (JR Chuo, Sobu lines, Keio Inokashira line)

Telephone 0422 23 5503

Open Mon-Sun 10am-9pm


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