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Discover Kyushu

While Japan’s larger islands, Honshu and Hokkaido are characterised by a history of isolation and a preservation of all things Japanese, Kyushu - the country’s third largest island - has always displayed a more xenophilic approach. From Dutch settlements, to Korean potters, this love of all things foreign has resulted in a fascinating mix of cultures and influences, which - when peppered with its hard drinking and voracious people and volcanic landscapes - make this curious corner of Japan immensely loveable.

Discover Hokuriku

Like many of the world’s treasured destinations, Japan’s Hokuriku region - bordered on the north by the Sea of Japan and to the south and east by three bands of mountains - is truly off the beaten path. And it is thanks in part to its isolation that centuries-old artistic traditions flourish, tiny spa towns and fishing villages retain their pre-industrial charm, and the area’s extraordinary natural beauty remains relatively untouched.

Kyushu: what to buy

Kyushu's shopping and products are the envy of the other islands.

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Kyushu: what to eat

When it comes to cuisine, Kyushu’s love of tradition and its foreign leanings come together beautifully.

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Hokuriku: what to buy

Hokuriku’s bountiful craft culture makes it an excellent place to source authentic pottery, porcelain, lacquerware and other artisan works.

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Hokuriku: what to eat

Due to Hokuriku’s proximity to the Sea of Japan, seafood is the area’s strong suit.

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