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Opened in January 2014 as an extension of the Lima Cooking School, this vegan and macrobiotic restaurant is ideal for a quiet Sunday lunch. For ¥1,000 you can enjoy their Curry Lunch or their Plate Lunch, which includes a salad, three deli dishes, organic brown rice (or wholewheat bread roll), miso soup and pickles. When we visited, the deli dishes included a small pasta mix, grated carrots with broccoli, and a unique combination of shredded seaweed, daikon (radish) flavoured with ginger, which was undoubtedly our favourite part of the meal. The miso soup has a gentle flavour and is filled to the brim with sliced veggies. We rounded off our meal with a cup of grain coffee and a choc brownie made from rice flour and yuba (tofu skin). The meal portions are fairly small, but if you're still feeling peckish on your way out, there's an excellent organic grocery store attached to the café that stocks fresh produce as well as healthy bread, snacks and supplies like rice milk and coconut oil.



3-1-6 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Transport Ikejiri-Ohashi Station (Den-en-toshi line)

Telephone 03 6701 3034

Open 11.30am-9pm daily / closed on New Year


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