Photo gallery: Food is Art

Snaps from the second Gochiso Pop-up event

Photo gallery: Food is Art

Photo gallery: Food is Art
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A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Tokyo's latest food venture, Gochiso Pop-up. The pictures in this gallery were taken from their second event, titled Food is Art, and staged at Art Statements last weekend.

'We held the event in a real gallery, without a kitchen or even a refrigerator,' organiser Melinda Joe told Time Out Tokyo. 'Luckily, Chef Maria Suzuki, who was assisted again this time by Chef Tsutomu Otsuka, specializes in raw food, so she was able to come up with a gorgeous, creative menu of dishes made without the use of heat.'

Despite Japan's fame as the home of sashimi, Melinda says that most people in Japan are unused to the concept of raw food presented as the basis of a meal. 'This dinner, a full 9-course meal consisting of only raw food dishes, was a gamble for us,' she says, 'but Chef Maria impressed everyone. We've gotten lots of comments from guests saying that they never imagined raw food could be so delicious. This is precisely what we'd hoped to achieve: a re-evaluation of what fine dining can be.'

The Gochiso Pop-up team, whose Facebook page is linked below, are now planning their first public event, an ambitious project called Back to School. We hope to bring you more details soon.

Facebook page: Gochiso Pop-up

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