5 to try: Daifuku sweets

Akebonobashi: Kashidokoro Osumi Tamaya


Sakuranbo daifuku, 210 yen

This long-established wagashi shop opened in the first year of the Taisho Period (1912). As well as all the traditional baked and unbaked sweets, Osumi Tamaya also makes a large range of more unconventional, original wagashi, like the kuri-torifu (made with a sweet chestnut paste and covered in chocolate), or their brandy dorayaki. Another one of their distinctive creations is a daifuku with a cherry filling. The syrup-covered cherries find their perfect match with the sweet bean paste mixed with fresh cream and wrapped around them.

Kashidokoro Osumi Tamaya map and opening hours

Kashidokoro Osumi-Tamaya: Sakuranbo daifuku

テキスト / 撮影 Takeshi Tojo
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