5 to try: Daifuku sweets

Ueno: Okanoeisen Honke


Momoka, 200 yen

This shop opened as one of the branches of the Okanoeisen sweet shop in Asakusa’s Komagata in the early Meiji Period. It’s now the only one remaining, and carries on a legacy that stretches back over 130 years. Along with many wagashi standards, such as daifuku and monaka, they also have many other different baked and unbaked sweets. But their specialty is their daifuku. Amongst them is the momoka, which has a small peach in its centre. The peach is surrounded by a generous amount of white bean paste mixed with fresh milk and honey to create an amazingly delicious harmony of flavours. You can find Okanoeisen right by the Hirokoji exit of Ueno Station, near Marui City.

Okanoeisen map and opening hours

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