5 to try: Daifuku sweets

Sugar-soft cakes, served at some of the city's oldest shops


As far as traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) go, few excite the masses as much as daifuku, a soft mochi rice cake usually filled with sweet red bean paste and other sugary treats. Particularly popular are the fruit fillings – you may have tried strawberry daifuku already, though it doesn’t stop there.

Aoyama: Mame

Ichigo Daifuku Deluxe, 330 yen

This wagashi shop is located on one of the quiet backstreets behind Aoyama Dori. Inside you’ll find classic Japanese sweets like mame daifuku and warabi mochi, as well as seasonal specialties. All of the sweets are handmade and have a delicate sweetness and texture that is the hallmark of Mame’s produce. The fruit daifuku to be found here is known as the Ichigo Daifuku Deluxe, and is only available between November and April. Containing a whole, and very large, Amaou strawberry, they are incredibly popular. The red bean paste, which is smooth and not too sweet, is a perfect match for the sweetness of the tangy, luxury-brand strawberry. These daifuku are usually sold out before the end of the day, so be sure to place an order before you drop by. Mame is a five-minute walk from Gaienmae Station, behind Aoyama-dori’s Avex Building.

Mame map and opening hours

テキスト / 撮影 Takeshi Tojo
Translated by Virginia Okno
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