City's best donuts

Tokyo's top 10: Fried, tried and tested

City's best donuts

Risking our hearts and waistlines this week, Time Out Tokyo has combed the city, munching on donuts and scribbling down notes. Several thousand calories and an impending diagnosis of diabetes later, we are pleased to be able to present to you Tokyo's top 10 donuts - the definitive run down of the city's slinkiest sinkers.

But before you read on, a few words on the criteria. In finding the capital's best donuts, each item was judged for heft (how heavily it left us listing), oiliness (did our mouths feel as though they'd been involved in a spill), appearance (were we dribbling in anticipation at the very sight of the thing) and texture (were the 'nuts nicely moist, or did they stick in our throats). The judges weren't looking at the quality of the café - only the products themselves. Finally, each donut was judged anonymously and selected according to the server's recommendation.

With all that cleared up, it's time to click through to Tokyo's top ten donuts. We hope the health risk was worth it.

Tokyo's top ten donuts...

By Jon Wilks
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