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The most impressive branch of the cheap ’n’ cheerful chain that proliferated across Tokyo during the recession-hit 1990s is still conspicuously affordable despite its location on one of the city’s most famous intersections - the Ginza Yon-chome crossing. Streetside tables or the highly prized upstairs window seats provide perfect views of the bustling Ginza crowds outside. The coffee is Doutor’s standard fare, but the sandwiches are a slight step upmarket.

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San’ai Bldg 1F, 5-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Transport Ginza station (Ginza, Hibiya, Marunouchi lines), exits A1, A3.

Telephone 03 5537 8959

Open 7.30am-11pm mon-fri; 8am-11pm sat; 8am-10pm sun.


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