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One of the pioneers of 'Third Wave' coffee culture, Oakland-born Blue Bottle finally opened its first Tokyo shop in a renovated Fukagawa factory, a stone's throw from the Kiyosumi Garden and around a five-minute walk from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station. In addition to the downstairs café, the building houses a roastery, a kitchen and the company's offices – unlike most other overseas coffee brands, Blue Bottle is doing everything itself, without any third-party involvement. Fresh beans are brought in every day and served within 48 hours after roasting, ensuring a crispness of taste that's often missing even at some of Tokyo's fellow specialists joints. The café also carries pastries, cookies and sandwiches, the latter made with bread from Yoyogi-Uehara's Katane Bakery. A cup of blend coffee costs ¥450, while the single-origin options start from ¥550.

Blue Bottle's Aoyama café is also open now.


1-4-8 Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Transport Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station (Hanzomon, Oedo lines), exit A3

Open 8am-7pm


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