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We've all been there. It starts out as a one-time thing; a furtive late-night noodle binge that's followed by a morning of greasy remorse. You promise yourself it was a one-off, but before you know it you've developed a daily ramen habit and your trousers are now so tight you can no longer feel your legs. Enter Kokaibo, a noodle spot that's been saving the figures of comfort-eating expats for the past ten years with its mild, fat-free, seafood-broth ramen. Just five minutes’ walk from Monzen-Nakacho Station, it's never short of customers – most likely because of its nutritious approach to Japan's favourite fast food, or maybe because its signature ramen costs just ¥650. Either way, Kokaibo is known for its quality ingredients, including diligently prepared ajitsuke tamago (seasoned, soft-boiled egg) and thick menma (seasoned bamboo shoots). Run by a married couple, the restaurant is also notable for offering warmer service than you'd expect at many of Tokyo's top ramen joints – nourishment for the soul, as well as the stomach. Other dishes worth sampling include menma ramen (¥750), tsukemen (dipping noodles, ¥750), and chashu gohan (rice with fatty sliced pork, ¥850).


2-13-10 Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Transport Monzen-Nakacho Station (Tozai, Oedo lines)

Telephone 03 5620 4777

Open Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 11am-3pm, 5pm until soup runs out; Sat 11am-3pm / Closed Wed, Sun


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