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A renowned Tokyo sushi restaurant located in a quiet residential area, Sushikan Bunten is well-known for offering first-class sushi at reasonable prices. Although small, with only twelve counter seats and two tables, the restaurant is both clean and relaxing. With a view of both the various neta (seafood ingredients for sushi) on offer and the taisho (sushi chef) at work, the counter seats are particularly interesting. Fans of conger eel will appreciate that the eel here is cooked to order to give it a delectable just-cooked taste and elastic texture. Adding to the enjoyable atmosphere are the hardworking staff – made up of a particularly interesting proprietress and both old and young sushi chefs.


10-8 Moto-Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo

Transport Yoyogi-Uehara Station (Odakyu Line/Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)

Telephone 03 3465 2978

Open Tue-Sun Lunch 12noon-2pm; Dinner 5-10.30pm / closed Mon

Admission Lunch approx ¥4,000-¥4,999; Dinner ¥10,000-¥14,999


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