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Contrary to popular belief, there can be such a thing as too much ramen. If you've overdone it on the more conventional flavours and are looking for something a little bit more exotic, Shodai Keisuke, located inside the Shinatatsu Ramen food hall under the tracks at Shinagawa Station, could be the answer. Owner Keisuke Takeda spent over a decade working in kitchens in France, plus an extra five years learning the art of washoku, and he's put his skills to good use in conjuring up a distinctive black, miso-based ramen soup. Blending seven kinds of miso and bamboo coal in a meaty broth laced with shrimp oil, this singular bowl of noodles is finished off by a perfect balance of toppings, including chashu pork slices flavoured with rock salt, rare ajitama (soft-boiled egg), scallions and nori seaweed. If you're feeling especially hungry, we recommend the tontoro aburi chashu kurokiwami (¥930), accompanied by a bowl of rice to soak up any leftover broth.


Shinatatsu Ramen, 3-26-20 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transport Shinagawa Station (Keihin-Tohoku, Tokaido, Yamanote, Yokosuka, Keikyu lines), Tawanawa exit

Telephone 03 3444 2316

Open Daily 11am-11pm / Closed on Shinatatsu holidays


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One shop on this list of so-called must visit shops in Tokyo specializes in miso ramen and this is the shop that was chosen?! An absolute travesty, I could name at least 50 ramen shops in Tokyo that serve better miso ramen than this place. Shodai Keisuke is a tourist trap ramen shop that serves up a less than average, overpriced bowl of ramen. There are ZERO repeat customers, mostly people from out of town or those who have just stumbled upon it randomly. I want to personally ask the person who recommended this list if they've been to this shop because I'm guessing they haven't. Either that or they know next to nothing about ramen and pulled this list together from a quick online search.

Posted by Abram Jan 17 2013 22:04

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