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This wonderfully old-school ramen stall has been open for evening business at Shinagawa Station for more than 30 years now, spreading a mouth-watering scent of chicken broth all over the surrounding area. Their speciality is simple and traditional shoyu ramen, served with curly noodles and topped with chashu pork and nori seaweed – a classic that never fails to impress. Other options include egg, garlic and seaweed noodles, while the yakiton-men (roast pork ramen) is worth sampling as well. You won't find a better way to end a long night of boozing than this. Ramen Ho deserves a mention among Tokyo's hidden gourmet gems, and is also a cultural treasure worth protecting.


3-26 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transport Shinagawa Station, Takanawa exit

Open 8.30pm-1.30am


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