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After managing a Japanese restaurant in France, training at Aoyagi in Tokushima prefecture and serving as head chef of Basara in Akasaka, Hiroyuki Kanda established Kanda. Kanda offer a set course comprising seasonal vegetables, sashimi, soup and sushi, together with an assortment of grilled, steamed and fried fares, followed by a dessert; however, rather than being set in stone, you’ll find the menu can be adapted to suit personal preferences. Plus, if your Japanese isn’t too hot, then rest assured, because restaurant owner Hiroyuki has enough language skills (French/English) under his belt to make you feel at home.


3-6-34 Moto-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo

Telephone 03 5786 0150

Open 6-10pm / closed Sun and nat. holidays

Admission ¥15,750-


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