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As implied by the name, Propeller Cafe caters to airplane buffs – which, considering its location, tucked away in a corner of Chofu Airport, isn’t really surprising. However, unlike Haneda or Narita airports, Chofu Airport is by no means a large facility – on the contrary, it’s a small, relatively relaxed airport used mainly by ten-seater aircraft either heading to or from the Izu Islands to the south of Tokyo, or by light aircraft engaged in flying sightseeing trips or patrolling the airways. In addition to boasting a flight simulator, Propeller Cafe, located within the airport’s small terminal building, also offers a distant view of an airport hanger that’s actually in operation, and the excitement of being in an actual airport. Plus, because it’s also a café that caters to both pilots and mechanics, there may even be a chance to start up an enthralling conversation or two. If you like hamburgers, go for the ‘Propeller Burger’ – reputed for being big enough to make ‘your jaw drop off’.



Choufu Airport, 290-3 Nishi, Chofu, Tokyo

Telephone 0422 39 2525

Open daily 10am-7pm


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