This three-level club features a stellar bar, cave-like areas, and billiards and ping-pong tables in the basement. So it’s a shame that it’s just a massive meat market. It’s located at the Nishi-Azabu crossing; walk past Hobson’s ice-cream parlour towards Hiroo on Gaien-Nishi Dori and look to your right. It’s also worth noting that there’s a ‘not too casual’ dress code.

Update: Muse was reopened in February 2014 after renovations.


4-1-1 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku

Transport Roppongi Station (Hibiya, Oedo lines), exit 1

Telephone 03 5467 1188

Open From 7pm Mon-Thu, Sun; 7pm-5am Fri, Sat

Admission Admission ¥2,000 (incl 2 drinks) Mon-Thur, Sun; ¥3,000 (incl 2 drinks) Fri, Sat.


Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.

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We went there last night and it was great..3000¥ entrance fee and two drinks, loads of friendly people and good music (urban/dance) wehad a blast!

Posted by Ruben Jun 30 2013 17:41

Worst club I've ever been during my 8 months in Japan. Or should I even call it a club. The DJ is just playing songs on his computer and it feels like you're only listening to a CD, no remixing. Despite the unbearable heat on the dancefloor, what made me decide to leave way too early was when the waiters tried to make me believe that if I didn't buy a drink now, I wouldn't be able to sit on the Ladies table. A rude way to make the guys we were talking to buy a drink for each of us. Muse in a few words : too hot, no good mix, creepy, rude.

Posted by Audrey May 05 2013 03:55

This place is terrible. I went last night with friends for the first time. I was waiting in line at reception to pay when a bouncer started waving his hand right in my face, telling me it was 3,000 yen to get in. I said "I am waiting to pay." He kept waving his hand right in my face. When I asked him to stop, he suddenly grabbed my arm and twisted it, pushing me back against the wall. I asked him to let go of me, and he told me to go to the police if I didn't like it. I did. When the police came, the owner, who was standing in front, ran away, and the bouncer continually said he never touched me. The manager said I would not be allowed in because I had caused a disturbance.

Posted by Kevin Jan 05 2013 13:27

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