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The Shimonya chain of izakayas operates multiple branches along the Seibu and Chuo lines, but this joint by Araiyakushi-mae Station is where the story first started. Look for the yellow roof with the words yakiton (焼とん) and yakitori (焼とり) written on it, enter through the narrow door and grab a seat wherever – you'll soon be requested to order a drink (perhaps a ¥350 highball) and some skewers (from ¥100). If you're looking to impress a friend or colleague, go for the basashi (raw horse) or the 'rare beef steak', which is actually closer to a blue steak.


3-40-5 Kamitakada, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Transport Araiyakushi-mae Station (Seibu Shinjuku line), south exit

Telephone 03 3228 4481

Open 3pm-12midnight (last orders 11pm) / closed Mon


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