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Chinese restaurant chain Kisurin stands out from the crowd by offering different menus at every branch, be it in Aoyama, Asagaya or the resort town of Karuizawa. This Akasaka shop is no different, as it's the only Kisurin location dedicated to tantanmen, the spicy noodle dish so popular in Japan. The fiery noodles can be adjusted for spiciness on a scale of one to five and topped with pork ribs, while choices like chive soba and gyoza dumplings are also available. Every noodle bowl comes with the option of rice on the side – a boon for soup-lovers.


3-7-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transport Akasaka Station; Akasaka-mitsuke Station; Tameike-Sanno Station

Telephone 03-5573-4119

Open 11am-11.30pm / closed Sun & holidays


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