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Though the classy interior and plummy riverside perch might suggest otherwise, this Ebisu noodle shop can fill you up for less than ¥1,000 a head. Yamacho's udon noodles, available either 'thin' or 'fat', are cooked al dente and served with dashi stock courtesy of the restaurant's namesake in Osaka, a local institution with a more than century-long history. Try the prawn tempura set or kujo negi (spring onions) udon, with some fluffy tamago-maki egg roll on the side (if you've got space for it). Yamacho is twinned with Ebisu's Kaoriya soba shop, and its interior follows the same format: subtle lighting, sparse décor and a communal, solid-wood table in the centre of the room. The late opening hours (until 4.30am) also make it an ideal spot if you're looking for some vittles after a night out gigging or clubbing.


1-1-5 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku

Transport Ebisu Station (Yamanote, Shonan-Shinjuku, Hibiya lines)

Telephone 03 3443 1701

Open Daily 11.30am-4pm, 5pm-4.30am


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