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You certainly wouldn't go to this rough-and-ready noodle joint for the ambience, but if Hototogisu's decor – crudely painted black walls and an L-shaped counter – leaves much to be desired, the food is spot-on. The secret of its ramen lies in the balance between the pork and seafood stock, which really lets the flavour of the shellfish come through. Located near the north exit of Hatagaya Station, Hotogisu has several menu options; the ajitama soba (soy-based) and ajitama shio soba (salt-based; both ¥850) are equally good, and choosing between the two can be a heart-wrenching decision. If you stop by for lunch on Thursdays, you'll find the place transformed into 'Ura-Hototogisu', where the speciality is gokunibo, another sterling bowl of ramen that's made with dried sardine stock.


2-47-12 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Transport Hatagaya Station (Keio line), north exit

Open Mon-Wed 11.45am-3pm, 6pm-9.30pm, Thu 11.30am-3pm (or until soup runs out), Sat 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-9.30pm, Sun noon-3pm / Closed Fri


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Whoever wrote this doesn't really know what they are talking about, ajitama just means that the ramen comes with egg in it. Unless this was just translated from the Japanese version in which case it could have been better. The reason this shop stands out is because the dashi used in the soup is made from hamaguri clams which is extremely rare within the ramen world. This shop was recently ranked the #1 ramen shop in Tokyo for 2012 in a reputable ramen magazine.

Posted by Abram Jan 13 2013 00:21

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