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Walk five minutes from the west exit of Kanda Station and you'll find Saikai, a Nagasaki-specialised restaurant popular among businesspeople working at the offices nearby. At lunchtime, their signature champon and dish noodles are complemented by set meals including dishes like steamed shumai dumplings, boiled pork, boiled dumplings and mapo tofu (a spicy Sichuan-style dish with tofu and minced meat), while the selection grows even more extensive at night. The champon (¥800) here is a classic one, with creamy, mild soup seasoned with ginger, chewy noodles, and toppings like cabbage, bean sprouts, mushrooms, chashu pork, shrimp, squid and a variety of pasted fish. Contrarians can choose the fried noodle champon (¥800), whereas the dish noodles are available for takeout as well.


Yamaguchi Bldg. 1F, 2-8-5 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Transport Kanda Station (Yamanote line)

Telephone 03 3254 4780

Open Lunchtime 11:30pm-2pm, dinnertime 5pm-10:30pm / closed Sat, Sun and holidays


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