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Although American-style oyster bars have had plenty of fans in Tokyo ever since the bubbly 1980s, they've managed to extend their popularity to new audiences in the past few years, adapting to economic necessity by cutting down on luxury and focusing squarely on the quality of the offerings. This newcomer at Tokyo Station promises to adhere to the same winning concept: in addition to the counter and table seats, a standing bar will cater to customers looking to slurp down a few slimy ones before catching the shinkansen. Diners can also buy a prepaid pass for the self-service wine dispenser and have fun sipping their way through a selection of 40 varieties. Top-shelf oysters as fast food? Yes, please.


Yaesu Chikagai South 1, 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Transport Tokyo Station

Open 11am-11pm (Sat, Sun & holidays until 10pm)


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