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Opened in September 2013 at three minutes' walking distance from JR Higashi-Koganei Station, this shop has slowly but surely built up a noteworthy following. The basics on the menu are 'Shoyu ramen' (¥670 and up) and 'Shio ramen' (also ¥670 and up). These dishes combine wavy noodles and a seafood-based soup with added meat and shiitake mushrooms, and also include basic toppings like thin menma bamboo shoots and chashu pork for a good balance of fatty and meaty flavours. You can also add a deliciously gooey soft-boiled egg. The product here achieves such a high level of perfection that it's no exaggeration to call Kujira the best representative of the chintan (clear soup) trend in the city. The limited-time menu is also under active development, so there's something different to look forward to each time you visit.


5-1-19 Kajinocho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo

Transport Higashi-Koganei Station (Chuo line), north exit

Open 5pm-1am


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