Best pizza in Tokyo

Get your fix at the capital’s top 20 pizzerias

Best pizza in Tokyo

As far as the rest of the world's concerned, Japanese pizza exists in a weird parallel universe where cabbage, mayonnaise, mochi and Korean bulgogi are all considered legitimate toppings. Rather less attention gets paid to the fact that, over the past decade or so, Japan's pizzerias have started to get very good indeed. So good, in fact, that you can now find margheritas in Tokyo that are every bit as good as what you'd get in Naples – albeit three or four times as expensive.

While we think Da Isa – run by prize-winning pizzaiolo Hisanori Yamamoto – is currently producing the best pizza in Tokyo, you no longer have to schlep across town to get your fix. Some of the best restaurants, like Massimotavio and Pizzeria da Peppe Napoli Sta’ Ca", are run by Italians; others are entirely homegrown operations, overseen by Japanese chefs who learned the ropes in Italian kitchens - or, in the case of Seirinkan's Susumu Kakinuma, just by eating a lot of pizza. And if you prefer American-style pies to the Italian variety, don't worry: we've also found space for a few places that do it right.

The top ten

Da Isa
The best pizza in Tokyo? Probably
Hisanori Yamamoto picked up a string of pizza-making trophies in Naples on the way to opening his own shop. Da Isa is always hectic, but its sourdough pizzas are sublime. Read more

Margherita or marinara: take your pick
A multi-floor steampunk spectacular, Seirinkan would be worth visiting even if the pizzas weren't top-notch. But they are – all two of them. Read more

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
The big-name Neapolitan one
The Naples eatery venerated in Eat, Pray, Love made a splashy debut in Tokyo at the start of the year, and shot straight to the top of the city's pizza league. Read more

The renegade pizzeria
After a decade manning the oven at Eifukucho's La Piccola Tavola, chef Massimo Minicucci opened a place of his own (literally) just around the corner – and it's even better. Read more

Frey’s Famous Pizzeria
Keeping it minimal in Roppongi
Cast in the Seirinkan mould, hip Roppongi eatery Frey’s serves just three types of pizza, cooked in an enormous metal oven that looks more like an industrial furnace. Read more

Pizzeria da Peppe Napoli Sta’ Ca"
When only 100% Neapolitan will do
Run by a Naples native who's been making pizzas since he was 12, Pizzeria da Peppe offers superior fodder in a cosy space festooned with SSC Napoli paraphernalia. Read more

Pizza Da Babbo
Perfection is overrated
An intimate, L-shaped restaurant in Ningyocho that already looks far older than its six years, Da Babbo serves misshapen margheritas of the highest order. Read more

Tarantella da Luigi
There's more to life than pizza
One Tokyo's best pizzeria for people who don't like pizza, Tarantella da Luigi has an impressively well rounded menu – and it's cheaper than you'd expect. Read more

Rocco’s New York Style Pizza
A slice of the Big Apple in Tokyo
Forget Sbarro: this is the real deal. Rocco’s sells its pizzas by the slice, NYC-style, and they're actually good enough to merit a trip to Oji. Yeah: Oji. Read more

Pizzeria Il Tamburello
Location, location, location
An interesting setting goes a long way. Housed in a converted old building in Kodenmacho, Il Tamburello has atmosphere in spades – but the pizzas are more than up to snuff. Read more

Honourable mentions

Cheaper than you'd think
Who said eating out in Omotesando had to be expensive? Italian-run Napolimania sticks it to local big dog Napule by serving similar quality pizzas at half the price. Read more

Go for the pizza, stay for the beer
Forget Naples: the speciality at this long-running Roppongi diner is honest-to-god, Californian-style pizza, with US craft beer on tap in the evening. Read more

Boring. But good
It may lack the flair of some of Tokyo's newer contenders, but for solidly, stolidly good Neapolitan pizza, it's hard to go wrong with Partenope. Read more

La Piccola Taverna
Eifukucho's second best pizzeria
The first Tokyo restaurant to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, La Piccola is still good, but it lost a little of its mojo when star pizzaiolo Massimo left. Read more

Pizzeria da Aoki Tappost
An unexpected gem
Of all the places we've stumbled across quality pizzerias in Tokyo, this little-trafficked corner of Nerima-ku must be one of the most unexpected. Read more

Trattoria e Pizzeria L'Arte
Sangenjaya's prime pizza spot
While it can get pricey at dinner, the weekday lunch sets at this oh-so-authentic Neapolitan pizza shop in Sangenjaya are excellent value – if you can snag a table. Read more

Pizzeria La Rossa
Herby goodness
Using only top-notch San Felice flour without charging top dollar for it, La Rossa gives you a lot for your money, and the herb-covered 'Aroma' pizza is dazzlingly good. Read more

Pizzeria GG
Perfect for a park-side pitstop
After building a strong following in Higashi-Nakano, Pizzeria GG upped and moved to Kichijoji in 2010 – but its prices and cheeky atmosphere haven't changed. Read more

Go for the beer, stay for the pizza
Sure, it's primarily a beer bar, but Kanda microbrew Mecca DevilCraft has earned a strong following for its lovingly crafted deep-dish Chicago pizzas. Read more

Sempre Pizza
Cheap and cheerful in Koenji
Of all the dirt-cheap pizzerias to open around Tokyo in the past year or two, this no-frills shop – which dishes out margheritas for ¥390 a pop – is still our favourite. Read more

By James Hadfield
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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