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Get the full onsen experience at sento prices in this neighbourhood bathhouse in south-west Tokyo. Shimizuyu used to offer only the inky black kuroyu water that's typical in this part of the city, but they tapped into a deeper spring during an extensive overhaul in 2007, meaning that you can now also bathe in iron-rich 'gold' water in the outdoor rotenburo. At ¥450 (¥180 for children), it's a steal, though the price shoots up if you want to use the saunas (one of which, a Korean-style hot stone variety, is for ladies only).


3-9-1 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Transport Musashi-Koyama Station (Tokyu Meguro line), east exit

Telephone 03 3781 0575

Open Tue-Sat noon-midnight, Sun 8am-midnigt / Closed Mon

Admission Adults ¥450, children ¥180


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