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The area around Musashi-Koyama Station has been marked for redevelopment, potentially changing the face of the neighbourhood to a significant degree. However, if you just take a short walk away from the station, you'll find an interesting jumble of small shops, cafés and other fun attractions. This recently opened café and bar is one of them, serving delectable French toast, smoothies and more than 30 kinds of beer. Payment is by special coins exchangeable with the machine inside – one 'Sic coin' is ¥250, and most menu items cost two or three coins. Lunch customers seem to prefer the takeout options, but sitting in is certainly nice too: kick back and enjoy their honey- and lemon-flavoured 'French Toast Yellow' or the 'Green' variety that gets its colour from spinach (¥750 each). Wash it all down with a 'Loop' smoothie, which contains coriander, prunes, lemon, banana, strawberries and avocado.


1F, 5-16-2 Meguro-Honcho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Transport Musashi-Koyama Station (Tokyu Meguro line), west exit

Telephone 03 5734 1086

Open 11am-midnight / closed Wed


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