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The traditional Japanese garden Rikugien was designed and directed by Edo-period daimyo Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa between 1695 and 1702, a grand chamberlain who received the land from the fifth shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. Covering approximately 89,000 square metres, Rikugien’s landscape thus reflects traditional Edo kaiyu style, with winding paths placed around a central pond and miniature hills built on level grounds. Of special note is the elegant recreation of 88 beautiful landscapes from famous waka poetry anthologies such as the ‘Man’yoshu.’ Rikugien is popular year round, the new leaves in spring and varied colours of autumn most stunning. Not-to-be-missed each spring, however: the cascading blossoms of the shidarezakura (weeping cherry), which are particularly magnificent.


6-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Transport Komagome Station (Yamanote, Nanboku lines)

Telephone 03 4941 2222

Open Daily, 9am-5pm / Closed Dec 29–Jan 1

Admission ¥300


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