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As much a Mongolian cultural centre as a restaurant, this converted coffee shop serves little that isn’t made with mutton. You can have it stuffed in dumplings, skewered on kebabs, stewed with spuds, swished in shabu-shabu style or simply boiled on the bone. To help it down, there’s Genghis Khan vodka and live performances of folk music on the two-stringed ‘horse-head’ cello. Totally transporting.

Tokyo City Guide (Edition 5)


4-11-9 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku

Transport Sugamo Station (Yamanote line), south exit; (Mita line), exit A2 or Sengoku Station (Mita line), exit A4

Telephone 03 5978 3837

Open 6pm-10.30pm daily

Admission Average ¥3,500.


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