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Even if you’re already well versed in the ways of upscale version of yakitori, you just might be in for a surprise at Torisawa, a small counter-only shop near Kameido Station. Serving up unbelievably juicy, creatively seasoned and prepared chicken, along with innovative vegetable skewers, the jolly fellow behind the counter makes even first-timers feel right at home. The best choice here is to let the chef do his thing without restrictions, so order the omakase from the get-go and turn your eyes to the brief but impressive sake list – friends of junmaishu (pure sake) will have a field day. The skewers will keep coming until you signal you’ve had enough – we lost count at around 20, but the price still didn’t come to more than ¥7,000 (including drinks).



2-24-13 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Transport Kameido Station (Sobu, Tobu Kameido lines)

Telephone 03 3682 6473

Open Mon-Fri 6pm-11pm, Sat 5.30pm-11pm / closed Sun & holidays


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