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Located on a side street off one of Koenji's main shopping arcades, this small restaurant specialises in game dishes, which quickly becomes obvious once one gets a good look at the over-the-top hunting-themed interior. The friendly and talkative owner personally hunts for the meat served here, which includes wild boar, deer, bear, and fowl. The reasonably priced menu ranges from stews, ham, and sausages to sashimi - try the raw deer (¥880) for a lighter taste, or go for the grilled boar (¥950) for a seriously meaty flavour. The wine selection is relatively broad as well.

Grilled boar

Smoked duck



Yoshikawa Bldg, 3-58-2 Koenji-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Transport Koenji Station

Telephone 090 4249 4543

Open 6pm-midnight / closed Sun


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