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Kyushu ramen from Fukuoka City is the speciality here, and how you have it is entirely up to you. At this bright and breezy noodle house customers can specify particular broths (lighter or heavier), types of noodles (thin, thick or in between), quantities and toppings. There are always queues snaking outside, but don’t worry – with 73 seats, an opening will soon appear.

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1-13-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Transport Harajuku Station (Yamanote line), Omotesando exit or Meiji-Jingumae Station (Chiyoda line), exit 3

Telephone 03 3404 5572

Open Mon-Fri 10.45am-12midnight; Sat, Sun & hols 10am-12midnight

Admission Average ¥1,500.


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