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Restaurants & Cafés  |  Oct 21 2009

This venerable Okinawan restaurant has been in Koenji for 30 years and is recognised as a ...


Bars , Film , Art , Music  |  Apr 07 2015

This Koenji event space for art and music puts on a rather random programme, with performances ...


Bars , Clubs  |  Feb 24 2015

Dub is the password at this small but groovy DJ bar, found just a stone's throw from ...

Hattifnatt Koenji

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2015

This café’s charm lies in its unique decor and design – colourful illustrations adorn the walls ...

50 things to do in Koenji

Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Explore Tokyo's coolest 'hood, along with its neighbours Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo – ...

Cafe Baron

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2015

Always wanted to get up close and personal with an owl? Here you can sip on tea or ...


Shops  |  Jan 09 2015

One for the cat fanatics, this cramped store stocks all sorts of fun, handmade items with cat ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2015

With vegetables delivered directly from organic farmers, a daily changing menu, and coffee ...

Koenji Chuo Park

Museums & Attractions  |  Jan 09 2015

Although small, this park is home to colourful playground equipment enjoyed by throngs of kids. ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2015

This tiny restaurant on a Koenji backstreet specialises in transforming simple shellfish dishes ...

Chadokoro Tsukiji

Shops  |  Jan 09 2015

The Japanese tea leaves here are top quality, inexpensive and delicious – we recommend the ...


Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Throw off your inhibitions and bathe with the regulars at this wonderfully old-school sento ...


Shops  |  Jan 09 2015

Their main business may be paper and stationery, but where this quirky shop really shines is in ...

Cocktail Shobo

Bars  |  Jan 09 2015

Love secondhand books? Love drinking? Love snacking? Do all three at this quiet ‘book bar’ ...

El Pato

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2015

Missing home cooking? This casual American restaurant comes to the rescue with BBQ spare ribs, ...

Hideaway Garage

Bars  |  Oct 10 2014

Is your love for model car racing just as strong now as it was in elementary school? That's the ...

Daiichi Ichiba

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 26 2014

This small area, formerly a produce market, consists of around 10 short alleys hosting mainly ...

Koenji Gado-shita

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 26 2014

Found under the tracks on the west side of Koenji Station, this underpass is teeming with bars ...

Best local bookstores in Tokyo

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Good news for paper sniffers: print is alive in the capital

Ehonya Rusubanbansuru Kaisha

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Although this store mainly deals in picture books, both kids and adults will get a kick out of ...

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