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New openings
Shops  |  Aug 19 2015

Produced by publisher Yurindo, this store inside Shinjuku's Odakyu Department Store combines a ...

Books and Modern

Shops , Art & Culture  |  Jul 28 2015

A bookstore and gallery right by Nogizaka Station, Books and Modern focuses especially on ...

Angers Bureau Kitte

Shops  |  Jun 16 2015

Housed in the Kitte shopping complex in front of Tokyo Station, this stationery store is themed ...


Gay & Lesbian , Shops  |  May 11 2015

Ni-chome, Shinjuku's gay district, offers not only a wide variety of LGBT-focused bars, ...

Aoyama Book Center Roppongi

Shops  |  Apr 02 2015

Housing an impressive selection of art and design books, plus a few foreign-language tomes, ...

Bunrindo Shoten

Shops  |  Feb 18 2015

Clearly noticeable as you step out of Araiyakushi-mae Station, this venerable bookstore always ...

Cocktail Shobo

Bars  |  Jan 09 2015

Love secondhand books? Love drinking? Love snacking? Do all three at this quiet ‘book bar’ ...

Best local bookstores in Tokyo

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Good news for paper sniffers: print is alive in the capital


Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

In addition to famous titles from the good ol' Showa era, this secondhand bookshop also carries ...

Nomad Books

Shops  |  Aug 06 2014

Dreaming of exploring the world? Whether you're just dreaming or have actually made holiday ...

Books & Cafe Bousingot

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 20 2014

Shinobazu-dori in the Yanesen area is renowned for its many second-hand bookstores, but not ...

Paper Back Café

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Apr 30 2014

Located just behind Sanseido's main shop in Jinbocho, Paper Back serves as a good escape from ...


Shops  |  Apr 29 2014

Only a short walk from the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Post is an independent ...

B&B – Book and Beer

Shops  |  Apr 11 2014

Bed and breakfast? No, unfortunately you won't be asked whether you want a sunny-side up at ...

Travel Library

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 19 2014

Located right by Tokyo Station, this library specialises in travel- and tourism-related ...

Koishikawa Library

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 19 2014

Bunkyo's best public library, particularly because of its extensive collection of CDs, DVDs, ...

Metropolitan Tama Library

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 19 2014

This impressive public library hosts the Tokyo Magazine Bank, a collection of 16,000 issues of ...

Jimbocho Book Town

Shops , Art & Culture  |  Jul 24 2013

It’s easy to lose a few hours (if only that) rummaging around in Tokyo’s Jimbocho ...

Eva Fashion Art

Shops  |  May 31 2013

When your store is drawing in even fickle fashion-industry experts, you know you must be doing ...

Yamashita Shoten

Shops  |  Mar 11 2013

Discover the time-honoured Japanese art of ‘tachiyomi’ (standing and reading) at this 24-hour ...

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