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Farhoud, the man turning the spit at Cherry Kebab, will never need to spend a single yen on advertising; he has queue mystique, which is all any outlet ever really needs in this city. As dusk arrives, the lines begin to form, attracting yet more crowds until it's all he can do to stop the meat flying off his counter. In truth, what this Uzbeki gentleman is flogging probably wouldn't pass muster in its home country. It's a fairly bog-standard offering of beef or chicken, served in a relatively dry piece of pita bread, but with a sauce hot enough to melt your fillings — and it's for that final reason that he's on our list. His proximity to Shinjuku Station also makes him ideal for a quick stop after a hard day's shopping.


3-36-16 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Transport Shinjuku Station (JR line, etc)

Open Daily, midday-11pm


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