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This yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant is located in the tangle of streets in front of Hikifune Station. Both the exterior and interior are designed with a Showa feel and decorated with lots of interesting retro bits and bobs. The restaurant specialises in horumon (offal), with everything from gatsu (stomach) and tan (tongue), to chire (spleen) and hachinosu (tripe), as well as a great selection of raw meat dishes such as sashimi.
Sakai Shokudo has also created a selection of prepared dishes made with horumon. Each table has an individual extractor fan with a small, round charcoal stove (called a shichirin) placed on the table, on which to grill your food.


2-15-3 Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida, Tokyo

Transport Hikifune Station (Tobu Isesaki/Kameido Lines)

Telephone 03 3616 8929

Open Mon-Fri 5pm-12midnight; Sat-Sun, days before nat. holidays 5pm-1am / various closing days


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