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This restaurant is within the grounds of the ryokan Choseikan, in Nagatoro, Saitama. Nagatoro is halfway up the Arakawa River, around two hours by train from Shinjuku. Udon is the restaurant’s speciality, but from spring to autumn, in a summerhouse within the gardens, it’s possible to try nagashi-somen. Even in summer, it’s beautifully cool within the shade of the trees in the lush setting. The surrounding landscape is impressive: the lively Arakawa River flows close by, home to activities like rafting and boating.


449 Nagatoro, Nagatoro, Chichibu, Saitama

Transport Nagatoro Station (Chichibu Railway)

Open July 17-Aug 31 11am-4pm; Apr 29-July 16, Sept 1-beginning of Oct 11am-3pm; / closed Sat-Sun, nat. holidays

Admission Nagashi somen, all you can eat ¥1,000


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