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Spot the spam! Why would anyone want to serve a dish of spam with avo, egg, rice and teriyaki sauce? Well, apparently the canned ham has been a favourite of Okinawans since World War II, and the owners of this new store, who also own the popular Nagocafe, hail from the prefecture. We have to give them credit for attempting to make spam appealing, though; even the dish's name works hard to convince – it's called Yamitsuki Spam Donburi, which means 'Addictive Spam Bowl'. Perhaps the better bet is their shaved ice topped with fruit from Okinawa.


1-54-19 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku

Transport Jinbocho Station (Hanzomon, Toei Shinjuku, Mita lines)

Telephone 03 3291 7577

Open Mon-Fri: lunch 11.30am-3pm, dinner 6pm-11pm. Sat 12pm-11pm / closed Sun & pub hols


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