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The bayside Shinonome area is in for a massive boost in the near future, as most of the construction for the 2020 Olympics will be taking place in this part of Koto-ku over the next five or so years. This newly opened café gives you an excuse to visit and check out the cityscape before the bulldozers and cranes arrive – perhaps you could take a bike trip here and charge up with one of 808's fluffy French toasts or soy milk-based smoothies? Tea drinkers can try out their peach- or mango-flavoured offerings, while those in need of something savoury should order one of the excellent curries or risottos on the menu.


Miyakobashi Jutaku Nr. 2 1F, 2-4 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Transport Shinonome Station (Rinkai line)

Telephone 03 5877 9142

Open 11.30am-9pm (Fri-Sat until 6pm) / closed Sun


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