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Going against the standard custom of hard-nosed gyokai-tonkotsu (seafood and pork-based soup) shops, this Higashi-Jujo eatery offers MSG-free ramen. The rich soup is made from a seafood stock of dried mackerel and sardines added to a base of venison, whole chicken, and pork bones. The smooth, hand-made noodles slide across the tongue, and the perfectly cooked chashu pork, served with a just-right soft-boiled egg, lays the finishing touch on this superb dish. Even as shops offering 'double soups' (both seafood and meat) are on the increase in the city, this one maintains a unique presence. The abura soba (ramen without broth) is also popular, and has a gentle taste that lifts the dish far above the junk food category.


3-16-15 Naka-jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo

Transport Higashi-Jujo Station (Keihin-Tohoku line)

Open 6pm-8.30pm / closed Mon, Thu


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