Spank!, quite possibly the only ‘80s pop disco’-themed used clothing shop in Koenji (or at least in the area’s Pal Mall arcade), stocks womenswear and a variety of toys and trinkets – most of which are bought in from the States. The neon and candy bright interior draws fans from far and wide – some even from overseas – for an afternoon of shopping in what can best be described as the innards of an especially vibrant rainbow. About 80 per cent of the goods on offer are used, while the remaining 20 per cent is made up of the store’s own handmade accessories, printed tights and a selection of items from own brand Monascas Banana. It wouldn’t be an ’80s pop disco without the music merchandise, and there’s also more than enough Madonna T-shirts and the like to go around.


4-24-7 Kita-Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Transport Koenji Station (Chuo line)

Telephone 03 3317 5690

Open 1pm-8pm


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