Cool chimes for sultry times

Unwind to the soothing sounds of furin: Japanese wind chimes

Cool chimes for sultry times

The thermostat's been set on 'sweltering' all day here in Tokyo, so we decided to start asking around about ways to stay cool without air-conditioning during the summer. One of the more surprising suggestions was furin, the traditional Japanese wind chimes that are hung in gardens and on porches, to tinkle gently in the summer breeze. While we suspect that their cooling effect is strictly psychosomatic, there's no denying the soothing effect of a judiciously chosen furin. Here are ten that caught our fancy...

To kick things off, here's a traditional 'Nara-style' chime, harking back to the days when furin were believed to ward away evil spirits, and portend good omens. (Their association with summer was a more recent development, natch.)

Price: ¥3,885
Available from: Shikki

Cool chimes for sultry times
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