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Go to a gig in a temple...

Campbell Kneale
Ben Vida playing at Ryoudenji, October 2010
10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
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Machida's 'Alternative Temple' has hit upon an inventive way of luring the faithful: by holding occasional concerts on the premises. The music is generally at the more abstract and contemplative end of the spectrum, and you can expect the audience to be pin-drop quiet throughout.

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New Zealand native Campbell Kneale had spent more than a decade mapping a terrain of fuzzed-out, psychedelic drones under the moniker Birchville Cat Motel when he released the album Our Love Will Destroy the World in 2006. The title must have struck a chord, because it soon became his adopted stage name too. On his last visit to Tokyo, Kneale's performances ranged from dreamy to explosive, harnessing a range of effects pedals, microphones and a set of electronic bagpipes (yes, such a thing exists). Expect this unusual temple gig to be one of his more less punishing outings, with support including Helll and Tomo.

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