Tokyo goes pop!

25 foreign songs about the city we love

Tokyo goes pop!

Like any great capital, Tokyo is the subject of an untold number of homegrown songs, but it also holds a unique fascination for foreign songwriters. In the course of researching this article, we've seen Tokyo as the sex-driven temptress; Tokyo, the inscrutable mystery; Tokyo, the apocalyptic nightmare, and Tokyo, the city that you throw in to give your song some kind of ill-conceived, futuristic edge. As the centre of one of the world's biggest music markets, of course, Tokyo is also a potentially huge cash cow; replace New Jersey with Tokyo and watch the yen roll in, as Bon Jovi are about to demonstrate...

Tokyo Road

Artist: Bon Jovi
Available on: 7800° Fahrenheit
Time Out says: Quite where (or who) Jon Bon Jovi thinks he is in this song is not easy to discern through his lyrics. He may or may not be a soldier ('Sent to war in a land, they said we'd fight for their freedom'), but it's all rather peripheral anyway because, before anyone can yell 'woah-oh!', our hero is 'snorting whiskey, drinking coke' in a bar, just like in any other Bon Jovi song. We suspect that Tokyo Road (sorry, where?) might actually be a truckers' lay by on the New Jersey Turnpike in disguise. Nice try, Jon.

Tokyo goes pop! 25 songs about the city we love
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By Jon Wilks
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