61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks
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31. Roam around an artsy neighbourhood

Though Sangenjaya is always nice for a wander, there's no better time to visit than during this two-day street performance festival, in which acrobats, clowns, musicians and other talents ply their trade to a gawping public.

Oct 18-19
Setagaya Art Town 2014: Sancha de Daidogei

32. Feel the heat of the Asian art scene

Exploring ‘new possibilities’, this international festival dedicated to performing arts brings together artists representing different genres, nations and generations. Catch the latest plays and much more by notable artists from countries like China and Myanmar.

Nov 1-30
Festival/Tokyo 2014

33. Get your fill of brand-new dance

Taking place in and around Aoyama, this new dance festival features eight fresh performances focused on collaborative creativity. Head over to the fest’s main venue, the Aoyama Round Theatre, and nearby Spiral Hall to catch them.

Until Oct 5
Dance New Air 2014

34. Pick up a limited-edition sticker

For this year’s edition, Tokyo Creative Weeks collaborates with manga artist Machiko Kyo to bring you a selection of 16 different limited-edition stickers. Only the first 500 visitors to TCW will get their hands on these treasures, so you better hurry up.

35. Surprise yourself with an elaborate performance

Toshima Ward teams up with its 'friendship towns' for this showcase of traditional arts, showing off the local ‘Nagasaki Lion Dance’ and inviting the Chichibu Yatai Orchestra from Saitama’s Chichibu to provide impressive accompaniment. You can also watch ritual dancing and listed to shrine music, performed by guests from Iwaki in Fukushima, and see a puppet show from Nagano’s Minowa.

Oct 18
26th Performing Folk Arts in Toshima

36. Take a trip around the world of sound

Kita-ku’s Oji hosts this celebration of classical music that allows you to journey far and wide on the seas of sound with performances ranging from Jean-Philippe Rameau’s opera Platée to the Siena Wind Orchestra’s intense tunes.

Oct 22-Nov 9
Hokutopia International Music Festival 2014

37. Fall under an illusory spell

Directed by actor Mitsuru Fukikoshi and first performed in 2012, this show has been widely acclaimed for the unconventional methods it uses to produce an impressive visual impact. Come prepared for a parade of mysterious tricks taking advantage of both the sight and the body.

Oct 19-Nov 2
Le Polygraphe

38. Bet on brass beats

Bringing together some of the best concert bands and ensembles in Japan, this evening of brass magic is a must for fans of powerful artistry. The newly renovated concert hall allows the audience to get very close to the performers.

Until Oct 18
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Presents Brass Week 2014

39. Soothe your ears with shamisen tunes

Drawing on a wide variety of classical theatre works, this event is themed on the traditional play 'Dojoji' and features Japanese dance and traditional music. The shinnai-bushi shamisen music by Nakasaburo Shinnai should be a particular highlight.

Nov 1
The World of 'Dojoji', a Tragic Love Legend – Traditional Japanese Music and Dance Performance

40. Understand the importance of cultural festivals

The fourth edition of this international conference brings together experts from Berlin, London, Seoul and cities all around Japan to discuss the significance and value of cultural and arts festivals as part of urban space.

Nov 7
Tokyo Conference 2014

41. Spend the afternoon jamming

End your lunch break with a free gig in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall’s entrance, where a brass quintet comprised of musicians from the Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra will be performing lighthearted pieces like the theme to the sci-fi anime series Space Battleship Yamato.

Oct 2
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Teatime Concert

42. Be bewitched by street performers

A top-class cast of street performers are bringing back this popular event that was a major hit during Golden Week this year. Expect a program of everything from pantomime to eye-popping magic, complete with a few international guests.

Oct 4-5, 13, 18-19 & 25-26
Come Together: Ikebukuro Street Performers

43. Tune in to soothing tones

Shake up your routines and catch an organ recital on your way home from work or school. Takeshi Kondo, organist at the Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, will be playing the captivating work of French master Louis Vierne.

Oct 16
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Nighttime Organ Concert

44. Admire a bunch of floating 'shrines'

Centring on Shioiri Park in Arakawa, this celebration consists of three local festivals taking place on the day between 10am and 3pm. The highlight is when artworks inspired by mikoshi (portable shrines), created by students from Tokyo University of the Arts, are ferried on boats along the Sumida River, making for a fascinating sight.

Oct 13
Sumidagawa Yuhimi 2014

45. Discuss diversions

This series of talks is part of the Tokyo Diversion Project, an attempt to encourage dialogue on issues like social diversity and divisions through surveys, research and discussion. Participants debate the significance of ‘diversions’ as a means of social survival.

Oct 1
Tokyo Diversion Research Talk Series: In Search of Diversions vol. 7

46. Talk the project talk

Organised by the TERATOTERA program, this talk will see chief director Nozomu Ogawa and the multi-talented Ichiro Endo, whose pursuits include everything from design to deejaying, discuss the challenges inherent in art projects.

Oct 25
Art Project 789 3rd Edition

47. Transport yourself into Ghibli's movies

Celebrating Studio Ghibli's latest film, Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s When Marnie Was There, the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Museum is displaying miniatures, blueprints and sketches of structures previously seen in Ghibli’s many renowned movies.

Until Dec 14
Studio Ghibli: Architecture in Animation

48. Appreciate an unusual combination

Jazz and classical come together at this concert featuring performances by renowned musicians like pianist Makoto Ozone and trumpeter Arturo Sandoval. The first part welcomes Joshua Tan as conductor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

Oct 24-25
Makoto Ozone & Arturo Sandoval 'Jazz Meets Classic' with Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

49. Catch a time-honoured comedy performance

Kyogen, a traditional form of comedic spoken drama, has been performed for more than 600 years. This event is the ultimate chance to see what it's all about, as an all-star cast of performers will be entertaining the audience with classic plays.

Oct 28
Kyogen ~ Supremacy and Successors

50. Contemplate Hachioji’s empty spaces

The Akiten project aims to add value and originality to the western city of Hachioji with this project that makes use of vacant spaces in the area. A wide variety of art is on display in these spaces, and walking tours take visitors to see all of the neighbourhood’s many highlights.

Oct 17-19 & 24-26
Akiten 2014

51. Join a discussion on diversity

This interactive research effort is part of the Tokyo Diversion Project, an attempt to encourage dialogue on issues like social diversity and divisions through debates on the significance of ‘diversions’ as a means of social survival.

Oct 16
Tokyo Diversion Research: Moyamoya Fieldwork Report and Conversations vol. 4

52. See what Tokyo looks like from a distant island

A part of the ‘Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue’ project, this talk event will see playwright Shirotama Hitsujiya and novelist/manga artist Erika Kobayashi get together with a group of guests to look at Tokyo from a fresh perspective and share their experiences on the isolated island of Aogashima.

Oct 8
Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue: Conversation Travelogue

53. Take a closer look at far-off art

Familiarise yourself with the Miyakejima-based Tokyo Artpoint project and the research going on at Miyakejima University at this open seminar, which sees sociologist Fumitoshi Kato, artist Yasuaki Igarashi and Shinya Ominami, director of the Green Valley NPO, discuss the effects of art projects on local communities.

Oct 4
Miyakejima University Magazine – Public Seminar

54. Engage in a some surveying

The Tokyo Art Research Lab program is behind this archive centre documenting ‘artistic activities concerning regions and society’. That clumsy description actually hides an interesting collection of publications and documents relating to art projects from both Japan and elsewhere, all open to the public of course.

Until Mar 31, 2015
P+Archive Center

55. Attend a neighbourhood workshop

Toshima Art Station Koso started life as a modest base for assembling and realising art-related ideas, and has now grown to provide experimentation opportunities for a variety of projects. Head on over and see what’s going on.

Until Mar 31, 2015
Toshima Art Station Z

56. Jam under the tracks

Local art project TERATOTERA takes over the area under the Chuo line tracks between Higashi-Koganei and Musashi-Sakai stations for an artsy celebration focused on music and performing arts.

Nov 8-9
Train Stopover Journeys @ Higashi-Koganei: TERATOTERA Sound Fes

57. Feel the power of traditional culture

See the power of traditional culture from a new perspective through this one-day experience at a Noh theatre. Participants can take part in shimai dancing, Noh orchestration and chanting, while the Noh performance 'Funabenkei' will be viewable with commentary.

Oct 13
Noh ~ Rediscovering the Tradition ~

58. Take up the offer of a free concert

This series of free concerts will be held throughout the autumn in Ueno Park and its surroundings, as well as at the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum in Koganei. Expect performances by up-and-coming talent and tie-ups with art exhibitions.

Oct 4-5, 11 & 18-19; Nov 1-2
Machinaka Concert – Autumn of Fine Arts and Musical Outings

59. Fill your day with art

Citizen groups and art-related nonprofits team up with Asahi Breweries for this extensive art celebration featuring a total of 60 projects and a variety of related events going on around the city.

Until Oct 13
Asahi Art Festival 2014

60. Take in the traditional arts in Kagurazaka

The usually quiet and refined streets of Kagurazaka will echo with music and revelry at this celebration of the traditional arts, including tea ceremonies, geisha performances and decidedly old-school music.

Nov 15-16
Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2014

61. Gain further insights into Tokyo's rich culture

Held at Daikanyama's T-Site, this talk series invites dignitaries featured in the Tokyo Paper for Culture free magazine to discuss Tokyo's culture and share their diverse insights.

Oct 26 & 29
Tokyo Paper Remix

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61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks
1-30 | 31-61

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