Five summer freebies

Say 'Time Out Tokyo' and get all this for free!

Five summer freebies

What with all that wearying debt talk going on around the world, it's about time someone gave you a bit of financial relief. We've gathered up a few things for you to save your yen on while the summer's still with us. Say Time Out Tokyo and get the following freebies and discounts.

Cut price Kobuchizawa | Until Sept 30
What's that you say? You've never been to Kobuchizawa? That's understandable, considering the cost. But get this! We've managed to wangle huge discounts for you. All you have to say is Time Out Tokyo! Read more

Drinks with Tomo | Until Sept 15
Brasserie Tomo is a classy little joint in Azabu Juban, and we've teamed up with Tomo himself to bring you two free drinks for every five-course set dinner menu ordered. A romantic spot for a hot summer date. Read more

Sky Aquarium discount | Until Sept 25
This one's great for anyone with kids and a head for heights. Say our name at the Sky Aquarium and get yourself money off your entrance fee. Fish in the sky! Can't say more surreal than that. Read more

Hotel in the hills | This summer only
Deluxe hotels never come cheap, especially when they're as celebrated as Gora Kadan. The least we could do then is arrange for some kind of playful discount. Get dressed up and have your picture taken...for free! Read more

Free coffee & wifi | Always!
The Time Out Café & Diner is one of the few places offering genuinely free wifi in Tokyo. And, if you pick up a copy of our latest free magazine, you'll find a coupon for a free cup of coffee to go with it. You're welcome! Get your free mag here

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